Shandong GP was shortlisted in the new material industry finals of the sixth China innovation and entrepreneurship competition

On November 24, the sixth China innovation and entrepreneurship competition new material industry finals ended in ningbo. This industry finals has 160 enterprises to be shortlisted altogether, through the semi-final review of yesterday a whole day, a total of 18 enterprises from the new material industry competition to be shortlisted in the enterprise, entered the national competition highest competition. Among them, there are 12 enterprises in the growth group and 6 enterprises in the start-up group. Shandong GP  was selected to the new material industry finals of the sixth China innovation and entrepreneurship competition.

This competition adopts the 8+7 mode of on-site defense selection, that is, the contestants present for 8 minutes and the judges ask questions for 7 minutes. Each contestant will receive a score from 7 judges. After removing the highest and lowest scores, the score of the other 5 judges will be the final score.


Sheng yanlin, deputy director of the torch center of the ministry of science and technology, said at the award ceremony: “this new material industry finals is the final work of this competition. In this year, the competition has been fully affirmed by the state council leaders, the central financial support, the general attention of science and technology departments at all levels, and the majority of entrepreneurs have been positive response. The competition has supported a number of large enterprises to connect on the stage of the competition, and also supported two large enterprises to take the lead in undertaking professional competitions. It can be said that the competition has actively explored ways to promote the integrated development of large, small and medium-sized enterprises. I sincerely hope that entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life will continue to pay attention to and support the China innovation and entrepreneurship competition and make it better and better in the future.”

Post time: Apr-08-2020